About me

About me

Hola! Salut! Hello! Ciao! my name is Ana Lucia, I am a Robotics engineer and Science communicator.

I come from a small but lovely country called Honduras. A land of coffee, mayas, jungles, beaches, first-class reefs, corn-based delicacies, and wonderful people (or catrachos). In 2011, I moved to France to follow my passion for robotics. I began by studying a master’s degree in advanced robotics at the École centrale de Nantes. There, I learned about jacobians, kinematic models, and the art of solving problems through robots. Afterwards, I did a Ph.D. at INRIA (ANR project ENTRACTE), where I worked on understanding how humans control their motions in order to simplify the way we control avatars and robots.

Currently, I work at Imperical College London, where I manage the Robotics Forum (a network of 44 scientists working on robotics related research). I am also a project manager for the UK node of the EU project DIH-HERO. This project aims at accelarating innovation in robotics for healthcare. Our activities range from constructing an EU network of hubs for robotics in healthcare to coaching companies developing disinfection robots to fight COVID-19!

I also enjoy teaching and communicating, especially to audiences with limited access to STEM knowledge. Currently, I am working on a project called “The Inventor’s Playground”. This project aims to empower Honduran children as creative thinkers so they can reach their full potential and succeed in the 21st century. Check out our work here!

During my free time, I also enjoy writing about anything in science I find interesting, getting immersed in Asimov’s or Tolkien’s stories, and playing piano.

Feel free to explore the site for more info or checkout my Linkedin profile.